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National Electrical Contractor

Established in 1999 Future Technology Services Ltd T/A FTS Merit service a wide range of clients both within the UK and Europe, our company turnover is 7.1 million & we directly employ over 75 staff.

Our diverse skill set allows us to work in an extensive range of settings including retail, residential, commercial, private and public healthcare, industrial, education, leisure and mixed-use premises. We have experience of delivering projects ranging from £50 to £5,000,000 in value.

One of our valued principles is that we value each and every one of our clients, before any work commences, we spend time with each client to understand what is expected and learn which is the most efficient and effective way of carrying out the task or project.

FTS Merit has a wealth of experience across various different sectors operating both new build and refurbishment projects and, in some cases, live environments, we understand the complexities of every project type that is undertaken.

At FTS Merit we pride ourselves on our ability to deliver a full range of Construction Services, with each and every one of our engineers fully trained and capable of taking on any challenge or task that each project may encounter.

We have a vast and wide range of skill sets across different sectors of the industry, our experience stretches from Commercial/Industrial installations, Education, Healthcare, Residential, Hotels & Student Accommodation, Retail, Leisure & Hospitality.


Our Approach

Our approach is always driven by the requirements of our clients, which leads to a fantastic, smooth and transparent working relationship, this is the main factor within FTS Merit.

For each client, we aim to provide a committed and professional team, from our engineers on site, to our suppliers always focusing on delivering the project not only on time, but to the highest of standard and on budget.

We are always reliable, very friendly, smart and customer driven as when possible work in live environments.

Since our formation in 1999 we have worked tirelessly to build and maintain a database of subcontractors and suppliers who are both tried, trusted and have the same ethos and values as our team at FTS Merit and understand our processes.

The relationships we have developed with our trusted supply chain allow us to deliver meaningful value to our clients in today’s competitive environment.

Our Key Deliverables